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IPv6 Home Portal Showcase Site

Basing current trends today, it has been predicted that everyone will eventually have their own globally reachable content. A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is necessary in order to do this. With Globe's IPv6 Tunnel Broker service, it does not only provide users IPv6 internet connectivity but it also can provide a home URL. Users can host their own content/portal on their home computers and accessed though the provided home URL. This home portal will provide secure access to the private home network making home content and services easily accessible from anywhere on the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet.

Globe's IPv6 Tunnel Broker Service - Home Networking Feature provides plug 'n' play installation without any specific network requirements. There is no need to configure the NAT with port forwarding or any other configuration. Since port forwarding isn't used it is also possible to have any number of services in the home. IPv6 ensures that all the devices are uniquely addressable meaning there is no limit to the number of devices supported in the home network.

Home Networking

The following initial home networking features can be enabled (as illustrated in Fig 1):

  • Home Website – home website hosted your home computer that can be access though the home URL.
  • Home Surveillance – See through one or more of your IP cameras
  • Home Automation – monitor and control various devices/appliances in your home.
  • Home Media Streaming – stream content from your home server to any device on the Internet.
  • Home File Sharing – share family photos and videos with people you trust.

Figure 1 Home Networking

You may access the home portal showcase site and access the services mentioned above here.